Wyse and Novell Collaborate on Linux Thin Clients

Wyse Technology is working with Novell to bring the next generation of Linux-based thin clients to market. Both companies are committed to giving customers everything they need to transition from traditional desktops with proprietary operating systems to Wyse thin clients based on SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell.

With this partnership, customers who prefer Linux can now deploy a thin computing environment that leverages a standard operating system throughout the enterprise with a consistent, rich user interface. As a result, customers can realize lower operating costs, increased data security and dramatically improved manageability. Wyse customers are today using SUSE Linux Enterprise on Wyse thin clients in limited installations.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client from Novell is the only enterprise-quality Linux solution that provides easy configuration and management of desktop operating system images. It simplifies desktop management tasks such as application updates by maintaining applications on the server, while increasing security with central storage of sensitive data. In addition, it combines the compelling cost advantages of Linux with the innovative capabilities unique to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, from which it is derived.

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