ForTheRecord Releases TheRecord Player 4.2

ForTheRecord (FTR) has announced the release of TheRecord Player 4.2 - FTR's newest version of its free software player. According to Erik Lig?, FTR Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, "The new release of TheRecord Player is designed to meet the needs of the growing Windows Vista market. We have also incorporated some other key features such as playback via an FTP site, and interchangeable design 'skins.'

"The ability to play back content from an FTP site has been on the FTR product road map for quite some time", says Lige. "This capability is particularly useful for City Councils that use FTR products to record their Council Meetings. These agencies typically share the recordings and associated minutes and/or agendas with their constituents. Rather than sending this information out on CDs, they can now make this content easily accessible via an FTP server. Users can then initiate the download through TheRecord Player." Additionally, Lige continues, "FTR users who are familiar with the interface and controls of our popular Gold player, FTR Player Plus, can retain that familiar look and feel by switching to the Gold design 'skin' as desired."

TheRecord Player 4.2 will continue to be available as a free download from FTR'swebsite. "TheRecord Player has many easy-to-use capabilities specifically designed to assist our user community, " says Radhika Anand, FTR Product Manager for TheRecord Player. "We anticipate the download activity for 4.2 to be strong, as we expect the majority of end-users currently using an FTR player to update to this new version."

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