Concurrent Announces NightStar LX Tools Version 4.1 for Linux

Concurrent announces the release of a new version of its NightStar LX debugging and analysis tools. NightStar is a powerful, integrated Qt-based GUI tool set for developing and tuning time-critical 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

The NightStar LX suite includes the NightView source-level debugger, the NightTrace event analyzer, the NightProbe data monitor, and the NightTune system and application tuner. NightStar LX now supports x86-based systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell, with continued support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

NightStar LX version 4.1 features a complete GUI makeover that makes it more flexible and easier to use on multi-core environments. NightStar's new Qt-based presentation provides more modern rendering, shading and option control. The new version allows individual tool panels to be moved and resized to make it easy for users to customize their debugging displays.

NightStar tools run with minimal intrusion, thus preserving application execution behavior and determinism. Users can quickly and easily debug, monitor, analyze and tune multi-threaded and parallel C, C++ or FORTRAN applications in real-time. An interactive memory debugger helps find and eliminate memory problems during the debug process without code recompilation.

NightStar's new application illumination feature allows programmers to automatically trace application function calls and examine the values of parameters passed and returned. Function call tracing is fully customizable and can provide a complete view of glibc activities.

Concurrent is a proud member of Novell PartnerNet, participating as a Silver Technology member. This partnership has contributed to SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time from Novell which features Concurrent real-time enhancements integrated with SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time provides fast response and predictable performance in time-critical environments. Earlier in 2007, Concurrent announced the availability of NightStar for SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time, available from Concurrent and Novell. The newest announcement extends NightStar tool availability to all SUSE Linux Enterprise platform customers.

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