Panda Unveils NanoScan, the First Online Antivirus Scanner for Blogs

Blog owners can now offer NanoScan, Panda Security's new online virus scanner, to their visitors. To do this, all that is needed is to send an email to and ask for the code. The code can be simply copied and pasted onto the web pages. By doing this, bloggers and webmasters can offer their visitors a fast way to check if their computers are free from any active threats that might be performing malicious actions on their computers.

Bloggers can also include up-to-date stats on computers infected worldwide provided by NanoScan's Infex. Bloggers can show the stats by the country the visitors come from or by another country chosen by the blog owner. To include Infex on the blog page,click here.

With these launches, Panda Security takes another step forward in its commitment to the growing 2.0 community, offering its tools to the millions of bloggers.

Currently, NanoScan detects more than 1 million examples of known threats and is continually updated against new threats, with almost 2,500 new samples a day. It also detects unknown malware thanks to the Genetic Heuristic Technology.

The tool is fully compatible with Vista and works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

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