Maconomy Launches Maconomy X+ Solution

Maconomy has launched a new reporting and planning business solution that provides high-level overview for multi-level job and resource planning. The Maconomy X+ solution also features flexible means of projecting delivery timeframes, monitoring progress and enables accurate post-project analysis.

Maconomy X+ is initially being launched in six countries: U.S., U.K., Benelux, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. At a later date, the new solution will be introduced to all markets where Maconomy has a presence.

X+ is tailored to fit customer requirements and is easy to use so employees at all levels can quickly start using solution. Overall, Maconomy X+ offers managers a tool for growth, optimization of resources, and an enhanced bottom line through efficient capacity and resource planning.

Three key features of Maconomy X+:
- People Planner: An efficient integrated capacity and resource planning solution that provides managers with a complete overview of their organization. People Planner enables planners to view employee resources, evaluate best-allocation strategies and create plans at their ideal level. The entire organization gets a realistic picture of project status, resources utilized and deadlines. People Planner steers users away from planning on levels that are too focused on isolated details. Instead, it encourages higher-level streamlined planning that provides options for drilling down to plan on multiple levels.
- AnalytiX Live Reporting and AnalytiX Instant Intelligence: Two Business Intelligence tools giving users the possibility to analyze the business from various perspectives and levels. Live Reporting lets users draw reports directly from the database, and Instant Intelligence enables users to zoom in on key details, facts and figures. Information viewed can be sliced and diced to give the user a well-rounded reliable picture of where earnings and effectiveness are high, and it pinpoints areas needing improvement.
- Mobile SpeedSheet: A mobile time capture feature that allows employees to register their time via their mobile phone, which better ensures that every minute is invoiced. As reporting accuracy increases, project leaders get a true overview of resource efficiency, budget and progress.

Maconomy X+:
- Delivers a planning tool that is simple to use and effective;
- Balances out utilization of resources to avoid over and under booking;
- Spots which departments, projects and areas of business earn the best profit;
- Identifies the most profitable customers;
- Makes it easy for employees to register every minute of billing time from a mobile phone.

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