iS3 Introduces Version 5.0 of STOPzilla

iS3 has announced the availability of STOPzilla Version 5.0. STOPzilla 5.0 offers consumers advanced detection, scanning, and phishing protection, but maintains the same ease-of-use that has been STOPzilla's hallmark since it revolutionized computer security in 2002.

In previous iterations, STOPzilla was intentionally designed with very few configurable options. Thus, the product worked well for the average user but did not speak to the more advanced user who was looking for in-depth configurability. STOPzilla 5.0 maintains the intuitiveness that has made the software popular, but appeals to advanced users who want to customize the settings and see what STOPzilla is doing behind the scenes. STOPzilla is updated almost daily with the latest target definitions designed to kill new spyware and other malicious programs as they emerge, but Version 5.0 lets the individual configure how and when updates and upgrades will be performed.

Key enhancements in STOPzilla Version 5.0 include:
Enhanced Scanning STOPzilla 5.0 now supports four types of scanning: Quick Scan, Intelligent Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan, with each scan examining particular areas of a user's computer. Scans can be performed automatically, according to a user-defined schedule or manually on-demand. When the scan is complete, the user can view the results and choose the next action: remove, allow, or leave the detected infections in quarantine.
STOPzilla's True Real-Time Protection In STOPzilla Version 5.0, users can configure the Active Enforcers, which are the core of the application. Enforcers monitor all types of computer resources to ensure that it remains uncompromised by potentially malicious software. STOPzilla also enables users to configure many advanced settings of its real-time Spyware protection engine.
SITEguard Protection STOPzilla's SITEguard protection uses database analysis and advanced heuristics that are fully integrated into the product. SITEguard detects and blocks known and potential malicious sites of all kinds including phishing sites, sites distributing spyware, and sites containing exploits.

In addition to new features, iS3 offers multi-tiered support options for STOPzilla, each designed to provide its customers with a unique level of service. All customer support services are free for both trial users and paid subscribers: unlimited toll-free phone support, e-mail support and live online chat. Moreover, iS3's highly trained customer support technicians operate out of STOPzilla's U.S.-based call center, located in the same facility as engineering and management. This concentration of efforts enables STOPzilla the shortest possible cycle time for definition updates and product enhancements.

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