XyEnterprise Releases ContentaView 3.3

XyEnterprise announces the release of ContentaView 3.3. Now virtually any structured data, including S1000D and DITA can be supported in one complete package.

ContentaView 3.3 is an updated version of XyEnterprise's intelligent information delivery software for interactive, textual and multimedia content via Web or DVD/CD-ROM. The new version adds a filtering model for S1000D, an international specification for the management and production of technical publications, as well as other digital data standards. ContentaView's extensible filtering model can be configured to support legacy data, proprietary data, and other emerging standards.

ContentaView 3.3's configurable presentation layer allows publishers to customize anything within the user interface colors, buttons, layout, menus and print output. This puts control of both look and feel as well as functionality into the hands of the publisher. It also allows a company to create better brand synergy with their own corporate image.

Interactive 3D Simulation made possible through an integration with a leading visualization platform provider, allows publishing of 3D models that have been generated from existing CAD or Engineering data, reducing development time and costs. The interactive 3D simulation reduces the rate of errors and improves user performance by allowing end users to practice procedures within the simulation.

Some additional enhancements to the ContentaView software include explicit acknowledgement of warnings and cautions, configurable by skill level, as well as full-text and categorical searching. These features help ensure the quality and safety of any technical procedures being performed, and allow users to access the information they need quickly and efficiently. As companies are faced with increasing demands to do more with fewer resources, these software enhancements provide productivity gains and greater quality and accuracy of the finished product.

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