BlueAnt Wireless Releases Z9 Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Wireless has released the Z9 Bluetooth Headset as part of the company's first step into the global distribution of its products. The Z9 leads the next generation of Bluetooth headsets with its stylish design and use of dual microphone, noise reduction technology via BlueAnt's patented Voice Isolation Technology, a revolutionary proprietary Digital Signal Processor software solution. Voice Isolation Technology uses sophisticated techniques to separate the voice signal from all background noise, enhancing and isolating all frequencies that affect voices coming in to and out of the headset and resulting in noise suppression, wind noise reduction and echo cancellation.

In addition, the Z9 incorporates two 'Voice Isolation' modes that a user can switch between when making a call 'Voice Isolation Standard' for use in normal everyday environments providing a natural sounding voice while removing mild background noise and 'Voice Isolation Max' to provide superior intelligible voice clarity for use in extreme noise environments.

Weighing in at only 0.35 ounces and measuring just 1.5 inches in length, the Z9 is also one of the smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market today. It can be clipped neatly onto a tie, shirt, blouse or cuff when not in use and comes equipped with a stylish, translucent ear-hook further reducing its presence when worn.

BlueAnt's Z9 is a sophisticated addition to the BlueAnt product range. The Z9 Bluetooth Headset offers a range of advanced specifications making it one of the most innovative Bluetooth headsets to be launched to date. It offers a range of differentiating features such as:
- Bluetooth v2.0 technology;
- Dual microphones for pure speech;
- Revolutionary Voice Isolation Technology produces outstanding noise suppression, wind noise reduction and echo cancellation, with zero voice distortion;
- Separates the desired voice signal from background signals enabling crystal clear communication in the noisiest of environments;
- Incorporates 'Voice Isolation' Standard & Max settings adjustable to surrounding noise environments;
- 'On-the-Fly' switching between multiple devices (up to 3);
- Automatic connection & reconnection with notification;
- Different ring-tones for known and unknown contacts;
- Innovative tie clip for attaching to shirt or cuff, when not in use;
- Stylish, translucent ear hook;
- Firmware upgrade via USB on your PC;
- Small & lightweight (just 1.5" in length & weighs only 0.35 oz);
- Up to 5.5 hrs talk-time or 200 hrs standby.

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