Cape Clear Is First ESB Platform To Offer Multi-Tenanted

Cape Clear Software announces that the 7.5 version of its ESB platform version is now available for preview to customers. Cape Clear 7.5 is the first ESB platform to offer multi-tenanted and multi-channel support, both key requirements to properly support on-demand integration.

Multi-tenanting allows SOA applications or integrations to be segmented and shared by many different users and is the cornerstone concept in any on-demand scenario. Multi-channel support enables SOA applications or integrations to be accessed in the way users want, not just the way the ESB decides.

Cape Clear 7.5 offers the following key features:

Powerful multi-channel support: a Spring-based assembly mechanism that unifies wiring together of transports, transformations, policies, security, routing and error handling into a simple, no code, graphical task;

Unique support for multi-tenanting the same SOA application can be accessed and monitored on a segmented, per customer basis;

Support for both SOAP-based and RESTful integration styles thus ensuring the broadest possible Internet integration capabilities;

Message Replay if a BPEL process fails it is now possible to restart it and replay the messages to that process (bringing TiVo to BPEL);

New support for exposing Stored Procedures as first class SOA artifacts.

Cape Clear ESB 7.5 will be generally available in September.

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