on-IDLE to manage Elemental website design and build

Web design and development agency on-IDLE has won a further contract with media consultancy Elemental to design and develop its new website and brand. This will be the second design and development of the Elemental website that on-IDLE has untaken, with the redesign going live in August 2007.

Tim Gibbon, director of Elemental Communications comments, "on-IDLE will be employing a new content management system (CMS) to manage the richer content to be hosted on the Elemental site, and working with us to invigorate and update the Elemental brand complimenting it with a new website design. The media environment has changed dramatically since we launched the first website in November 2005 and although we were one of few companies in this online PR space to host a comprehensive media centre, RSS and social media PR aspects, we will building upon this."

Marc Peter, creative director at on-IDLE explains, "We will be creating a new logo, branding and corporate ID for Elemental to flow seamlessly with the redesign of the website which will be driven by an extremely powerful CMS. It's always challenging to 'open up' an established brand in a niche field, and continue to communicate what they do effectively however with Elemental's incredible knowledge and insight into the industry we are confident we will deliver a site that communicates this."

"We've elected to work with on-IDLE again in this project because of the appreciation that they have of building sites that address usability requirements and meet accessibility guidelines, but are useful and still visually appealing to their target audiences. Having co-consulted on a number of projects with them we know they are able to work with our search engine optimisation (SEO) specifications without compromising the quality and look and feel of a great site, " adds Gibbon.

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