Comodo's Patent-Pending EV AUTO-Enhancer

Comodo has announced that its patent-pending EV AUTO-Enhancer is now available for Microsoft Internet Information Services. This technology, which simplifies EV SSL certificate installation, now supports over 85% of the server market.

EV AUTO-Enhancer - Automatic Deployment and Maintenance Technology is a patent-pending technology that allows end-users using Windows XP to always instantly see the EV "green bar" in Microsoft IE 7. With EV AUTO-Enhancer, Comodo's new EV root certificate is automatically installed into the trusted root store of the user's browser whenever an https session is initiated. Unlike the "EV enabling" technologies available from other Certification Authorities, Comodo's EV AUTO-Enhancer technology works without any webpage modifications and works even when JavaScript is disabled in users' browsers.

EV AUTO-Enhancer is included with every Comodo EV SSL certificate. With this technology, Comodo's EV SSL certificates become more cost-effective, requiring no further IT resources or manual deployment.

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