Callidus software's sales performance management software now available on's appexchange

Callidus Software has announced the availability of the Callidus TrueComp Suite for AppExchange. With it, customers will have access to a widely deployed and proven SPM suite of products. The Callidus TrueComp Suite for AppExchange is designed to help companies of all sizes to align their sales objectives with business strategy, increase revenue, drive shareholder value and improve business performance.

Integrated seamlessly into's on-demand platform, Callidus' TrueComp Suite for AppExchange is immediately available for deployment on the AppExchange by clicking here .

The Callidus SPM solution helps drive breakthrough sales performance using hard business data instead of sales forecasts. Callidus TrueComp helps improve the performance of more than 1.7 million sales professionals globally. The Callidus TrueComp Suite for AppExchange enables key aspects of the SPM process real-time sales performance management, analytics, quota and territory planning, incentive management and execution together in a single solution developed to scale with a company's business.

Callidus TrueComp Suite for AppExchange enables enterprises to benefit from the tight integration of SPM and CRM on-demand. It further allows Callidus payees to benefit by delivering integrated access to information from Callidus and Salesforce in one repository.

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