Manage iTunes Music, Video with Keyspan TuneView Remote Control

Keyspan announced TuneView, a wireless remote control that manages iTunes on a PC or Apple Macintosh in an entirely new way. TuneView features a color LCD screen and familiar iPod-like menus that help users easily browse and control iTunes music, videos, radio, and podcasts from up to 150 ft. away. TuneView works with Apple's AirPort Express, Xitel's Hi-Fi Link and other products that connect audio output from a PC-based music server to the audio inputs on an AV receiver or multi-room audio system.

TuneView features include:

- Remote features color LCD screen and intuitive 10-button keypad
- TuneView USB transceiver plugs into USB port on a PC or Mac
- 2.4 Ghz RF connectivity between remote and transceiver
- RF signal works through walls and furniture up to 150 ft range
- iTunes content presented on the remote in familiar iPod-like menu style
- Controls iTunes music, videos, radio and podcasts
- Supports English, French, German and Spanish

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