PacketLight Networks Introduces PL-200

PacketLight Networks Ltd. has announced that it has released the PL-200, which provides end-to-end FC connectivity and incoparates all the needed functionality for FC transport over current and future IP and Metro Ethernet networks.

The PL-200 provides standard based FCIP mapping, IPsec Encryption and hardware based compression within a single 1U box. The PL-200 allows SMBs, enterprises and carriers to efficiently build Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery applications over ubiquitous IP and Ethernet networks.

The PL-200 is designed to offer a new level of cost efficiency for SAN extension over IP and Metro Ethernet network. This solution incorperates a high level of functionality including data compression capabilities that enable better utilization of the link capacity, and reduce the monthly OPEX spending. It allows data encryption with standard base IPSec enabling securing sensitive data over the IP network, which is inherently less secure.

The embedded IPSec encryption saves the need for additional external encryption solution. Further advantages of the PL-200 are the low granularity bandwidth policer for fine tuning of the network bandwitdh demands and the ability to support a variaty of uplink interfaces such as 100Base-T copper, GbE optical SFP to interface the existing infastructure.

The PL-200 supports buffer to buffer credit flow control, enabling the connection of data centers, which are thousands of kilometers apart. In addition, it supports extensive native performance monitoring of the FC and GbE, as well as for all the protocol layers of the FCIP, IPSec and TCP/IP. The PL-200 is a low power consumption solution, which supports dual redundant and replaceable power supplies.

The PL-200 has successfully passed testing and approval by leading storage vendors as well as major FC switch vendors and is installed in the Central European offices of a tier-1 international storage vendor.

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