Godo Chooses Comodo to Deliver Proactive Security

Comodo has announced that Godo has chosen Comodo to deliver authentication to its online banking customers, as its online function prepares to launch. Godo will utilize Comodo's Two Factor Authentication for authenticating the user to the institution, Comodo's Content Verification Certificate to protect key content from being spoofed by a phisher, and an EV SSL certificate for online visual authentication of the site's identity.

Banking in Suriname is a non-regulated industry, so authentication is not a requirement, nevertheless Godo has chosen to proactively deliver authentication as online consumers seek greater protection.

Comodo Authentication Solutions are effective low-cost solutions with little integration that are easily configured and quickly deployed. Because Comodo Authentication Solutions are based on an established PKI infrastructure and digital certificate lifecycle management processes, operating costs are greatly reduced. Further, PKI is recognized by industry leaders around the world as a best practice in online security and authentication. Motivated by these factors, Godo made a strategic business decision to deploy Comodo solutions to both maintain its current member base and to attract new customers.

Godo plans to have its online banking arm in full operation by September.

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