Online Banking Customers Want to Better Protect Themselves

Despite initial industry concerns about consumer resistance to adopting new authentication processes, recent research from Datamonitor reveals that more than 75% of online customers want more robust authentication in their online transactions. Furthermore, the majority of the 750 respondents showed a keen interest in adopting an additional authentication method beyond the standard username and password.

Comodo helps banks meet consumers' increasing online vigilance through its Comodo Authentication Solution, including its Two Factor Authentication. Comodo Authentication Solution uses a Public Key Infrastructure platform which is both user-friendly and recognized as a best practice solution in online security. When compared to competitor solutions, Comodo Authentication Solution is easy to deploy, use and support, adding to its overall cost-effectiveness.

Comodo Authentication Solution includes Two Factor Authentication using a client certificate for authenticating the user to the institution, Comodo's Content Verification Certificate to protect key content from being spoofed by a phisher, an EV SSL certificate for online visual authentication of a site's identity, and Email certificates to provide digital signatures and encryption to Email correspondence.

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