Ponemon Institute Research Reveals Consumer Confidence in Online Banking Plummeting

71% of UK retail banking customers do not rely on their banks to provide online security, according to research recently released by Unisys. A survey of 679 adults, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, revealed that the only factor outweighing security in regard to customer satisfaction was poor customer treatment. Previous research also indicated that 47% of these consumers would move their accounts to institutions possessing more effective fraud detection and online security.

Comodo helps bolster consumer confidence through its easy-to use, PKI-based authentication solution. Comodo Authentication Solution delivers one of the most secure authentication schemas available because it is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based, recognized as a best practice in online security. Further, while delivering advanced authentication security that consumers need to feel reassured, it is delivered within an architecture proven to be one of the most user-friendly anywhere. Thus, Comodo Authentication Solution delivers both an easy -to- use and highly secure authentication process so customers can feel safe doing their online banking.

Comodo Authentication Solution incorporates several products, including Two Factor Authentication using a client certificate for authenticating the user to the institution, Comodo's Content Verification Certificate (CVC) to protect key content from being spoofed by a phisher, an EV SSL certificate for online visual authentication of a site's identity, and an Email certificate to provide a digital signature and encryption to Email correspondence.

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