Avaya Survey Reveals the Secret Habits of CEOs

Avaya, Inc., has revealed that the use of smartphones and PDA devices is fuelling some interesting phone habits among companies' senior managers. In a recent survey, chief executives and company owners were more likely to take advantage of seamless communications by working in a bathrobe and smartphone users on the whole had the most cheeky conference call habits.

The survey highlights how Unified Communications which enables a duplication of the office environment from any location, on any device is driving more flexible styles of working and increased productivity.

The survey of 2, 200 managers across the US, UK and Australia, revealed that senior managers are embracing a more relaxed style of working and smartphone workers communicate more readily and often than traditional mobile phone users.

44 per cent of CEO or equivalent level respondents admitted they would not want others to see them on a video conference because they are often at home wearing pyjamas, compared with only 9 per cent of more junior managers. Smartphone users are twice as likely to take a call from a toilet as traditional mobile users and 51 per cent have participated in a conference call wearing only a bathrobe or less.

Smartphone users owned up to keeping communication going during meetings with 63 per cent admitting to emailing on their phone or PDA under the desk. They are also more likely to log-on at personal events. The survey revealed that twice as many smartphone users have checked email or text messages during a wedding or funeral than non-smartphone users. But it is not all work and no play. The survey also revealed that senior vice presidents are more likely to nap during conference calls with 17 per cent admitting to doing so versus 5 per cent for all other job titles.

Avaya's Intelligent Communications solutions seamlessly connect communications applications and business applications; giving workers, customers and processes the ability to be linked to the right person, at the right time, by the right medium and over any network. Unified Communications being one off the fundamental portals to Intelligent Communications and brings together desktop and collaboration, unified messaging, conferencing, mobility and speech access.

Avaya's Unified Communications software is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft and IBM messaging and collaboration solutions and supports a variety of mobile devices such as Nokia mobile phones.

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