Storage pain points: the channel is out of sync with customer perception

ONStor Inc., the leading provider of scalable clustered NAS solutions for the enterprise and Zycko, the value-added distributor of best-in-class convergent storage and IP solutions, have been working together to determine the perception of Zycko's resellers on the leading customer pain point from the channel perspective and from their customers in turn.

The results show that from a customer perspective, the biggest storage pain point with 33% is 'managing growth and capacity' whereas the channel believes that cost is the biggest customer pain point with a total of 23% of those resellers surveyed.

The second biggest pain point from a customer perspective was revealed to be 'cost' but from a channel perspective, this was 'managing growth and capacity' concluding that although channel perception is out of sync with customer perception, both have resulted in listing the same top two pain points.

A recent Gartner report on Storage Pain Points highlights that 'cost' is the number one driver of consolidation but that the biggest pain point is the 'rate of change'. The Gartner report backs the survey's customer findings whereas a SNIA Spring 2007 survey, announced at this year's SNW event, highlights 'cost' as the top customer pain point which would agree with the ONStor/Zycko survey channel perspective findings.

The ONStor/Zycko survey also revealed that from a customer perspective, 'lack of desired functions and features' and 'lack of automation for provisioning' were rated as the least important pain point with only 2% rating it as top and 0% of the channel rating 'lack of provisioning' as the top pain point.

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