WorldExtend's SecureIDAT free managed VPN

WorldExtend has announced that its SecureIDA free managed VPN and secure remote access service has received a strong endorsement from DABCC President and server-based computing expert, Douglas Brown.

Brown's review explains that he, his staff, and contractors needed a simple and secure way to connect to all applications, servers, and files across DABCC's entire working environment (including a remote web server hosted by a different company). As Brown only needed access to a few applications and desktops it was too expensive to install a Citrix environment which necessitates purchasing software as well as additional hardware and server maintenance. And, as Microsoft's Remote Desktop capabilities meant opening the RPD port on the firewall he felt it could possibly harm network security by opening a potential point of entry for any hacker.

SecureIDA enables any organization to set up secure access to data and applications from any location within minutes - providing the same business agility and related productivity gains previously available only to large enterprises. SecureIDA is the only service that includes free VPN and free remote desktop access as part of a complete end-to-end remote access solution.

SecureIDA's intuitive software-based platform makes it simple for an organization's employees, branch offices, suppliers, or even customers to gain simple, secure, and unlimited free remote access to shared data, such as network file folders or client server applications. Offering far greater functionality and security than other remote access services, such as
GoToMyPC, SecureIDA provides free secure access to one Microsoft Windows XP Pro or Linux desktop computer for an unlimited time. The free service can also be utilized to securely share files among peers, partners or suppliers, enhance the security of client/server applications, such as e-mail or billing, while the fee-based SecureIDA Application Portal provides a far-less-costly alternative to Citrix Systems' application publishing solution (making this productive functionality available to any-sized company).

WorldExtend's vision for SecureIDA includes making it simple for customers to add additional fee-based, value-added services and enhancements that are customized to their business needs. WorldExtend's initial fee-based services include full maintenance and technical support (including a number of advanced features and functionality and access to an additional 25 PCs) and application publishing through their Application Portal, and on-net Zero-Port technology that provides enhanced security and ease of use.

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