Corel Software Bundled with Pioneer's Blu-ray Disc Combo Drive

Corel Corporation has announced that Pioneer Electronics Inc. is bundling its next-generation Blu-ray Disc combo drive, the BDC-2202, with selected titles from Corel's digital media software lineup. The software bundle includes special editions of Corel's WinDVD 8, Ulead VideoStudio 11 and Ulead Burn.Now1.5.

Pioneer's BDC-2202 drive offers a compelling solution for consumers who want to use their PC to view the growing number of high-definition Hollywood movies that are being released on BD. In addition to ensuring compatibility with commercially released Blu-ray Disc movies, the Corel software that comes bundled with the new Pioneer BD combo drive allows users to create and burn personal DVD movies and digital photo slideshows, backup files to a DVD or CD, and create and burn music to a CD.

With the Corel software bundle, novice and experienced users have an easy way to enjoy all of the storage and entertainment features that the BD-ROM/DVD/CD combo drive provides: WinDVD - Recognized as the most popular universal DVD playback software in the world and the most common way people watch movies on a PC, WinDVD ensures compatibility with commercially released Blu-ray Disc movies.

The Windows Vista compatible universal player provides high-quality playback and navigation for the high-definition BD format as well as the leading DVD, video and audio formats.

VideoStudio VideoStudio is an all-in-one solution for producing professional-looking videos, slideshows and DVDs with Dolby Digital sound. With the software's Movie Wizard feature, video enthusiasts can produce complete movies and entertaining photo slideshows in three quick and easy steps.

Burn.Now Burn.Now provides a fast, easy way to burn photos, videos, music and data to CDs and DVDs (including double-layer DVDs). Users can specify the disc writing speed for the best quality and can use the Disc Meter to view available disc space. For audio disc compilations, the Disc Meter automatically displays total time available. Burn.Now can also be used to make duplicate copies of CDs and non-protected DVDs.

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