CyberLink's Site ’CyberLink Live’ Supports Multiple Languages

CyberLink Corp. is now enabling speakers of German and Chinese to remotely access personal media and documents via the CyberLink Live web service. The new language support empowers an even larger community to "place-shift" content stored on their home PCs and access it from anywhere at anytime they choose.

CyberLink Live is a web service that lets users access live streaming TV programs, personal media, and files stored on their home PCs, via a web-enabled device outside their homes. The software is available free at

Home PCs as the Media Server. CyberLink Live consists of a home media server application that is offered free to users. The application lets users define the media files they want to access from other web-browsing devices, thus turning the home PC into a media server. By using network media streaming technologies, users are able to access the media that resides in their home PCs via the CyberLink Live website (

Place-shifting Personal Media. CyberLink Live lets users remotely access their personal media—including live TV, video, audio, photos, and work documents—by simply logging into the CyberLink Live website. If a TV tuner is installed on the home PC, users can stream live TV programs with time-shift playback directly from the CyberLink Live website.

Media Collaboration with Friends and Family. Aside from personal access, CyberLink Live also offers a way to share photos and videos with invited friends and family. It provides a secure way for users to give other people access to the files they want to share from their home PC.

Remote Downloading of Work Documents. CyberLink Live supports access to, and the downloading of, popular work file types, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, and Zip. Users can view their files and download a copy to their local drive via a web browser, ensuring they always have their work documents within easy reach.

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