Web User Bestows its 2007 Gold Award on Comodo's Firewall Pro

Comodo has announced that Web User, "the UK's best-selling Internet magazine", awarded Comodo's Firewall Pro its 2007 Web User Gold Award in the category of Free Firewalls. According to Web User tests, Firewall Pro outperforms two of its leading competitors, Zone Alarm and Windows Firewall.

Web User researchers employed two tests in measuring firewall performance. First they used the Gibson Research Corporation's "Shields Up" test to check for open ports and general vulnerability to external Internet threats. This is considered a baseline level of protection that all firewalls need secure against.

The testers then used Firewall Tester by Atelier Web, a software development and consultancy proprietorship that simulates internal threats that would be caused by Trojans. Specifically, this test examines how firewalls deal with ten kinds of attacks that are launched by threats already on a consumer's computer. Based on these two rigorous testing processes, Comodo's Firewall Pro passed with the highest level of efficiency.

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