Anoto Launches 'Out-Of-The-Box' Digital Pen And Paper System

Anoto Group has launched the Anoto Forms Solution, a ready-made hardware and software package that will enable DPP applications to be rolled out more quickly and easily. The bundle is designed to electronically capture and transmit data that has been entered into paper based forms, dramatically reducing administration time for staff. The Anoto Forms Solution includes the first ever Anoto branded digital pen, which will be available exclusively as part of the new package.

Anoto has created the Anoto Forms Solution to help its channel partners shorten time to market for DPP applications. Partners will no longer need to develop bespoke solutions for each new application but can supply a pre-integrated, fully functioning package directly to their end-customers.

Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology automatically stores what a user writes or draws. The pen records what is being written on to a form, printed with the Anoto special dot pattern. This data is transmitted back to a PC or server via a docking station or a mobile phone without the need to type up notes.

The technology already has a successful track record in areas such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics and the public sector for improving staff productivity and reducing costs by making form-based processes more effective, without changing existing working routines or re-training staff.

The Anoto Forms Solution package will be provided to current and new channel partners. It includes five Anoto branded pens, PC docking cradles, all of the necessary software, Anoto dot pattern licences and user guides. The solution is extremely flexible and can be integrated easily into other business support systems such as SAP as well as CRM and ERP applications. Existing forms can be pre-printed or printed on-site, depending on which is most suitable for each application.

The primary target markets for the Anoto Forms Solution are the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, with finance, transportation, the public sector and government to follow. The Anoto Forms Solution is available in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

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