Comodo Firewall Pro Named One of Top 15 Free Security Programs

Comodo Firewall Pro was named one of the "Top 15 Free Security Programs" by The article, written in light of increasing online security threats, recommends fifteen great software solutions, that are "free, powerful, and easy to use." Firewall Pro was one of two firewalls chosen, among other solutions spanning spyware busters, antivirus software, rootkit killers, and general Internet security tools.

The article, written by Preston Gralla, highlighted the fact that Comodo's Firewall Pro continues to outperform other leading firewalls in leak tests, having recently been named #1 in Matousec's leak test of leading firewalls. Firewall Pro is free, and installation is nearly effortless.

The article debunked the myth that a paid product means a higher-quality product. With these fifteen solutions, all of which have garnered industry praise, consumers don't have to fall prey to price-gouging solutions and pay money for products that simply don't deliver.

To download Comodo Firewall Pro, pleaseclick here

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