Nexagent Signs Up New Subscription-Based Managed Service

Nexagent, market leader in ICT process automation for service providers, has subscribed to Partners in IT's hosted HP Service Desk and HP OpenView event monitoring solutions - part of its new subscription-based managed service offering.

Under the enhanced Event Monitoring Service, Partners in IT are acting as the first line support team, answering customer telephone calls, monitoring customer emails and Network Alarms and raising incidents on the service desk, all 24x7. The Trouble ticketing service is based on HP OpenView Service Desk and provides Nexagent with the ability to extend the capability to support complete ITIL process compliance in line with the company's requirements.

Nexagent had dedicated a number of years to developing process automation software for service providers delivering multi-sourced enterprise information and communications technology services. Having fine-tuned its market offering, the next challenge was to deliver operational support to its customers. It needed to provide excellent 24x7 first line support, trouble ticketing and event monitoring to support its customer implementations.

With no in-house HP OpenView Service Desk expertise - and with no plans in the corporate strategy to create such a team the decision was taken to focus on its core business and look to external experts for first level incident management services. Nexagent opted to subscribe to Partners in IT's hosted HP Service Desk and HP OpenView event monitoring solutions.

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