Bubble Motion is launching BubbleTALK 2.0

Bubble Motion is launching a new platform, BubbleTALK2.0, which will make Voice SMS implementations easier for mobile operators, as well as provide a number of advanced, new features. The new platform will be at the core of all Bubble Motion's future Voice SMS implementations, and will make the process straightforward for mobile operators, reducing the installation time to just 2 weeks.

The BubbleTALK platform has been completely redesigned to be entirely modular, making it easy for operators to add in new functionality or 'modules' when they are ready to do so. With the additional of the new features in BubbleTALK 2.0 Bubble Motion now offers more functionality to its BubbleTALK service. Some of the advanced new features include the following:

- Enables Interconnect between Operators: Subscribers can send Bubble messages nationally and internationally;
- Multi-language support: BubbleTALK is now available in multiple languages;
- Quick Bubble: Enables users to send bubble messages quickly by pressing a single button;
- Closed User Group: Subscribers can send messages to groups of people by a click of a button.

The BubbleTALK implementation at Vodafone Egypt was recently named as being one of the top ten non-voice revenue-generators by telecoms analyst group Analysys. Within two months of launch, Vodafone Egypt saw a massive take-up of its new Voice SMS service, with 15% of its subscriber base having started using the service. Within that same time frame, the service from Bubble Motion already improved Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for users of the service by 1.5%.

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