Applix Releases Applix 9.1 Unicode

Applix has announced Applix 9.1 Unicode. This release, which is the first fully Unicode-enabled performance platform and includes new localization support for simplified Chinese, allows companies to reach farther, deploy easier and react faster through a single, complete business analytics platform.

Applix 9.1 Unicode helps agile companies with a worldwide user-base meet the needs of departments across the globe, so they can easily collaborate in performing their business analytics across operations and finance, using a central Applix 1 server and Excel- and Web based interfaces. This version provides greater visibility into business performance beyond finance and operations departments to include overseas business units and subsidiaries, essentially creating a seamless experience for users in various offices despite language barriers.

Specific new enhancements in Applix 9.1 Unicode include:
- Broadened support for simplified Chinese via Applix's 1 platform;
- Report and input templates that can be designed once and published on-demand, so that each user automatically views data according to his language setting, regardless of the corresponding character set;
- Unicode compliance for Applix's entire product line, including Applix 1, Applix's Excel interface, Applix Web and Applix Executive Viewer.

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