3D Systems Launches Accura 55 Plastic

3D Systems has announced the immediate availability of Accura 55 Plastic, a tough and versatile new stereolithography material that simulates the look and feel of molded ABS.

Accura 55 Plastic has been praised by advanced users for its unique performance attributes, which include increased productivity as a result of its ultra low viscosity that deliver better uptime, increased capacity utilization and substantially reduced post-processing and finishing labor. This material also provides engineers and designers with strong, functional models featuring fine detail and smooth surface finish.

Accura 55 Plastic is 3D Systems' latest addition to its comprehensive family of versatile and dependable Accura materials. Parts produced on Viper Pro SLA systems from Accura 55 Plastic exhibit the desired accuracy for the most demanding functional prototypes and master patterns, well within tolerance and completely faithful to the CAD data from which they are made, and have the durability required for functional assembly tests.

Accura 55 Plastic produces white ABS-like parts without molding or machining and is ideal for Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing of automotive interior components, short-run production parts, electronic components, functional testing, concept and marketing models, and master patterns for urethane casting.

Accura 55 Plastic is already available through a number of service providers, including Harvest Technologies and Tangible Express in the United States and Ogle Models and Prototypes in the United Kingdom.

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