Universal Information Services Hires CCS

The Hamburg based IT company CCS has won a new customer in Omaha, Nebraska, Universal Information Services. CCS has developed an innovative solution for the Omaha based family business that has been operating since 1908.

Current newspapers and news are processed during the night at top speed, while during the more 'quiet' daily business complete newspaper archives are prepared for the long-term storage in digital libraries. The information available in the electronic storage of the local publishing portal in Omaha, Nebraska is growing rapidly every day. Complete annual editions of newspapers or individual articles by readers and customers can be accessed through the internet portal of the Publishers Association of Nebraska. The goal is to process 60,000 newspaper articles per month from across the U.S. as well as 20,000 full pages from Nebraska newspapers.

CCS was also able to contribute to the financial success of the project. Incentive investments are reduced by CCS's new software leasing model. Just in the first month 40 publications found a new digital home in Universal's portal.

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