Proventus Technologies Issues TopoQC

Proventus Technologies has announced the release of TopoQC, the first dynamic visual analysis software solution that detects and prevents defects on the PCB topography. The TopoQC uses an advanced root-cause analysis with a flexible graphics display to examine the complete defect picture, provide a clearer understanding of specific failures and to offer solutions for effective defect prevention in the future. In most operations today, PCB manufacturers only have the option to manually and retroactively fix the planning and technology failures, which in the case of more serious errors leads to the full rejection of the entire PCB. Manufacturers face a challenge in preventing defects from the beginning due to the complexity of the defect analysis. Most companies only have the ability to use reports and charts to analyze the data, which is a very simplistic method with limited options to unravel the causes. The TopoQC software avoids such inefficient and costly procedures, by identifying any possible defects that PCBs might encounter at an early stage and enabling the manufacturer to conserve resources without having to compromise on the quality standard of the product. By creating a color-coded map, TopoQC highlights the defects on the PCB's topography and makes it easier to find the damaged area or root cause.

The input data that TopoQC uses is the defect data such as AOI, ICT, VMI etc. and PCB design data such as CAD, FATF, Mentor etc. The high availability of both types of the data at any manufacturing operation allows an immediate defect analysis at very short intervals. After loading the data to the TopoQC application, the map appears immediately, no work or processing is required. The tool is applicable for original equipment manufacturers with either in-house or outsourced production. In general it can be used by small and large operations and can be applied for small batches, as well as for mass production.

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