Avaya Releases Quick Edition 3.1

Avaya has announced the new 3.1 release of Quick Edition, with additional software that delivers a range of new features and two new hardware components designed to enhance customer service, reduce expenses and simplify maintenance and administration of the system.

Avaya Quick Edition is an innovative Session Initiation Protocol-based peer to peer telephony solution that is ideally targeted to very small sites or small branches offices such as small medical or legal offices and other professional services firms, retail outlets and chain restaurants. The system is simple to set up and use, with all the software in the phone and no need for a communications server or advanced installation skills. When the Quick Edition IP phones are plugged into the local area network, they automatically "discover" each other. In minimal time, users have access to commonly used telephony applications, including voice mail, conferencing and auto attendant.

Among the new software-enabled features, which can be uploaded to existing Quick Edition systems, free of charge, are:
Presence and status monitoring. An icon next to an employee's name on the phone's screen shows whether the employee is busy, on the phone or away from the office.
One-touch, alternate auto attendant greetings. Users simply press a key to change a customized greeting when there's a special promotion, they are out of the office or the business is closed for the evening, enhancing customer service.
Call detail recording. Companies can log calls and search and report by type of call (incoming or outgoing) or type of voice mail activity, allowing for a simplified way to track employee phone usage and bill back for time spent on the phone on behalf of clients.
Programmable softkeys. Users can speed up call handling by having single-button access to frequently used functions, such as paging, do not disturb or call forwarding.

The new hardware components include:
An analog telephone adapter. Companies can plug their fax machines, credit card readers and cordless phones directly into Quick Edition so they can connect into the PSTN (public switched telephone network) to send faxes and transaction data or to make calls from cordless phones. Separate analog phone lines are no longer needed.
A G20 Basic Rate Interface ISDN gateway. Now Avaya customers in Europe can use Quick Edition with their BRI trunk connections.

Avaya Quick Edition is available in North America and selected countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia (U.K., Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, and Singapore) from certified Avaya resellers.

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