Corpora Launches Tokopen eCopy 2 Way Connector

Corpora is launching the world's first two way connector that enables organisations to use multi functional devices (MFDs) to scan, index, store and now - for the first time - retrieve and print off documents across their business.

Users of Corpora's software can now link their MFDs seamlessly with their DM system. The Connector previews of the scanned documents are shown on a touch panel attached to the MFD - eliminating scanning errors and ensuring image quality. With TokOpen, organisations can use their MFDs to integrate document management across their business capturing documents in various departments such as sales, operations, HR and finance.

The TokOpen Connector for eCopy ShareScan OP software works with Toshiba, Canon, Ricoh and Konica MFDs. Scanned documents are automatically stored straight to Tokairo's document management system TokOpen, irrespective of where the MFD is located.

The connector also helps businesses drive compliance and ensures that staff can access information they need. If you are on a factory floor with no access to PCs and you need health and safety information, you can obtain it from the MFD.

Another key beneficiary for the solution are the university and college campuses - especially in the US - where students travel significant distances to the administration to obtain vital documents. With the two-way connector, users can visit strategic kiosks located nearby which contain the MFDs and print these documents via a secure sign on and credit or pass card.

Lawyers, accountants and national firms with many regional offices will also benefit from the software. When staff visit local offices, they can log into the network with their laptops and try and get prints prior to going in to meeting via the MFP.

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