ARI Announces Release of PartSmart 8.3

ARI has announced the release of PartSmart 8.3. PartSmart 8.3, ARI's state-of-the-art CD-based electronic parts catalog software, includes upgraded features, scheduled Internet application updating, speed improvements and additional capabilities that respond directly to dealer feedback on previous versions of PartSmart.

Available immediately, PartSmart 8.3 includes:
- Significant performance improvement. Significant speed improvements have been made in the launch and display of diagrams, the most-used feature in PartSmart.
- Standardized keyboard commands. In addition to mouse/keypad navigation, PartSmart 8.3 now supports standard keyboard navigation.
- Internet PartSmart application updating and installation provide customers with immediate access to the latest enhancements to the PartSmart application.
- New scheduler addition to the PartSmartUpdate program enables users to schedule application updates daily, weekly or monthly and each can be assigned a time of day.
- Easier interface to business systems. The ability to right click on IPL hotspots has been added, making it even easier to add parts to a pick list and create an order for sending to a dealer's business management system for processing.
- Improved Hotspot colorization. Viewing inventory levels has been improved on IPL screens, making it easier for the user to determine if parts are in stock.

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