Dell Offers New Ultra-Mobile, Workstation Notebooks

Dell introduces two new portable systems - the ultra-mobile Latitude D430 notebook and Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstation. Reflecting Dell's goal to become the greenest technology company, Dell Latitude D430 notebooks and Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstations comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's newest Energy Star 4.0 standard. Dell has also added the Dell Precision 390, 490 and 690 to its list of compliant systems. With the addition of the recently announced OptiPlex 740 and 745 desktops and Latitude D630, D531 and D830 notebooks, the company is delivering the most comprehensive set of Energy Star 4.0 compliant product offerings of any major information-technology company.

Dell, the first major vendor to offer solid state drives, is extending this technology option to the Latitude D430 notebook and the Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstation. In addition, the company offers the drive on the Latitude D630 and D830. Solid state drives can provide a shock tolerance of up to 1,300 Gs and are predicted to reduce the probability of failure by more than 5 times.

The 12-inch widescreen Latitude D430, starting at three pounds, is designed for customers who want extreme mobility that fits their on-the-go lifestyle, yet still provides performance, productivity and all-day computing. The system is available with the option of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, extended batteries and the industry's fastest mobile broadband technology supported by the widest variety of carriers. In addition, durable design through the absence of moving parts, an optional solid state drive can improve Latitude D430 performance up to 23 percent and can reduce boot time by up to 34 percent.

The Latitude D430 is built on four cornerstones of quality, productivity, security and offer:
- HyperConnect features that enable users to work from virtually anywhere6 with integrated draft 802.11n wireless connectivity for increased throughput and range enabled by Dell-designed HyperBand antennas that support multi-band wireless performance;
- Smart Security solutions engineered to prevent unauthorized access with smart card, password, biometric readers and TPM 1.2;
- RoadReady quality with magnesium alloy construction, solid state drives and full-time Strike Zone hard drive protection, all backed by about 13,000 hours of rigorous testing to help ensure durable operation;
- A customer-driven design that delivers technology choices, including the latest 64-bit hardware and energy efficient products.

Dell is reducing complexity in customers' IT infrastructures so customers can focus more resources on expanding their business. The Latitude D430 is easy to deploy and maintain with focused services, four generations of component commonality and remote administration capabilities that come with Dell Client Manager.

The Dell Precision M4300 is targeted at customers who want workstation productivity wherever they work. Dell Precision workstations are tested and certified with the leading applications, helping to save customers time and resources because the high-performance systems arrive at the customers' locations wherever they are ready to go into production. Additional features of the Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstation include:
- Dual-channel memory with 36-bit addressing allowing customers to use all 4GB of system memory;
- Next-generation 802.11n support, providing up to five times more performance than 802.11g;
- Integrated, latest mobile broadband technology designed to allow users to work faster remotely;
- Dell TrueLife technology, which provides up to a 10 percent increase in contrast ratios compared to anti-glare coatings and can result in more vivid graphics and lifelike video.

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