CyberLink Offers Remote Access to Documents via CyberLink Live

CyberLink has recently released remote access to documents on CyberLink Live. The new feature adds to the existing options for "place-shifting" content stored on a home PC, by now letting users access data files via an Internet browser, in addition to the TV shows, music, photos, and videos that are already supported.

CyberLink Live is a free web service that lets users access files stored on their home PCs via web-enabled devices outside their homes. Users need to download the latest version of the CyberLink Live software to access the new document feature. The software is available free atthis page.

CyberLink Live is CyberLink's vision of tomorrow's digital lifestyle, bringing digital home entertainment outside the home to anywhere in the world. By place-shifting media content from a home server, users can remotely access their music, photos, videos or even TV on any web-enabled device outside the home.

Aside from personal access, CyberLink Live also offers a way to share media files with friends and family, without lengthy file uploads onto the Internet. CyberLink Live provides a secured way to invite people to play your media, watch your photos in animated slideshows, read your comments, and share their thoughts with you. This is only our first step to create community-based activities online.

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