Intercontinental Cooperation: Technology ’Made in Germany’ and Services ’Made in India’ for Digital National Libraries

The Hamburg Technology company CCS Content Conversion Specialists and the Indian concern Planman Technologies strengthen their cooperation. A contract has now been signed in Hamburg between the two companies for the development of their digitization capacities.

In the first half-year 2007, work on the projects at the national libraries in New Zealand and Singapore were successfully converted and accepted. Nearly 20 million pages from books, journals and newspapers will be ingested into digital libraries within the next seven years. While CCS provides the technology for the digitization of libraries, Planman Technologies supplies the infrastructure to process them. Technology "Made in Germany" and management/service "Made in India" are quality partners for the digitization projects of the national libraries in New Zealand and Singapore.

The challenges of today, technological and cultural, to digitize collections of national libraries, to make it available to everyone worldwide and to preserve it for the future, is economically difficult. But, with the global cooperation of different highly specialized companies, of which CCS and Planman Technologies are among, makes these challenges possible.

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