DivX Announces DivX Certified LG LAD-9600 In-car DVD Player

DivX has announced the DivX Certification of the LG LAD-9600 in-car DVD player, to be sold in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Central America. The LAD-9600 guarantees seamless playback of high-quality DivX video on its seven-inch LCD 16:9 display. Users can transfer their content to the device via USB, Bluetooth, or a CD or DVD. The product also features a full in-dash motorized monitor and a 50Wx4ch (Max) MOSFET amp.

DivX Certification of the LAD-9600 lets users move beyond traditional playback devices such as the PC or DVD player and expands the DivX ecosystem in Latin America to video on-the-go. This device from LG joins more than 90 million other DivX Certified devices currently on the market, offering users a truly interoperable experience with their digital media.

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