Spire Shines at Computex with New VGA Coolers

by Gordon Langley

Spire says its 5th participation of Computex was a huge success. All though the weather outside was really bad this year, Spire shined with its hot new products and its stylish booth design. Some of the new products introduced at this years' Computex certainly have drawn the publics' attention. One of the biggest eye catchers was the new GigaPod VI. This hard drive enclosure with stylish red front bezel caught everyone's eye and Spire got a lot of questions about it. Another hot item at the show were the new VGA cooler CoolForce IV and CoolForce V. With their sleek design and cool looks these products proved to be some of Spire's new state of the art products.

This CoolForce is equipped with a 122x98x76mm custom made, genuine Spire Ball Bearing pitch-black fan. Pushing a whopping 28CFM at 2,000 RPM, it is amazing how the CoolForce IV has a rated noise level of only 19.0 dBA. The CoolForce IV supports many of the latest graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA.

Spire has also introduced the CoolForce V. It is ultra silent and ensures great cooling because of the genuine Spire ball bearing Brower black fan on top and it's 2 copper heat pipes. Furthermore, the CoolForce V pushes a astonishing 25, 1CFM at 2,700 RPM and still manages to stay silent. The CoolForce V supports many of the latest graphics cards from ATI and Nvidia.

"This year was a huge success", said Rolf Borrenbergs, VP Sales & Marketing for Spire. "Every year you hope for a good show, but this year exceeded all expectations. We got so many great comments on our booth and visitors were enthusiastic about our new products."

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