KXEN Launches KXEN Analytic Framework Version 4.0

KXEN has announced the launch of KXEN Analytic Framework version 4.0. The new version extends KXEN's proven expertise in automating predictive analytic processes to improve the results of direct marketing activities.

Through its new component, KXEN Text Coder, version 4.0 allows users to tap into the wealth of customer knowledge held in free text form. Today's operational databases contain a lot of textual information, such as the messages or a synopsis of the mails sent to a support line, the free forms contained in marketing surveys results, or even the free text captured in call centre tools through direct discussions with customers. This specific type of data can be used to improve the accuracy and reliability of predictive models for decreasing customer attrition, improving cross-sell rates, or acquiring more customers.

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