CBS 5 and Sling Media to Deliver On-the-Go Broadcasts for Viewers

CBS 5 and Sling Media have announced the implementation of Slingbox technology combined with 3G wireless data and still video cameras to deliver live and still video feeds as well as live in-car broadcasts from around the Bay Area.

Currently, CBS 5 has 28 live cameras, all of which are supported by Slingbox technology. Seven out of nine bridges spanning the Bay Area have a camera, as do major thoroughfares and airports. CBS 5 uses live video from these cameras on air and can also make the reports available for viewing on the CBS 5 website. also features live still views from all 28 cameras at any time via a desktop, laptop, or compatible mobile web browser.

CBS 5/The CW Bay Area are part of the CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation. CBS 5 began in 1948 as the first television station in Northern California. The CW Bay Area began in 1968 as the first UHF station in the Bay area. The two stations became a duopoly in 2002.

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