Corel and NetBlender Partner to Deliver Complete HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc Solution for Professional Developers

Corel has announced a new partnership to deliver tools for next generation DVD authoring to the professional market. NetBlender will integrate Corel's PureHD Authoring Multiplexer into the upcoming release of DoStudio, which creates the Advanced Content Layer for HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. The combined offering, called DoStudio MX, will create a complete solution for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc creation.

Corel's PureHD Multiplexer Technology delivers a complete end-to-end high definition video content solution for optimum quality with minimum post production interruption. The technology streamlines the process of capturing high definition content and maintains crisp content quality at every stage editing, authoring and final production. Working in conjunction with NetBlender's DoStudio advanced layer technology, videographers and production teams can easily add a new level of interactive features that consumers are coming to expect in their HD DVD and BD movies.

DoStudio is the first graphical tool for the creation of HDi and BD-J, the advanced interactive layers for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. DoStudio's interface includes a visual layout editor that allows developers to arrange graphic elements with drag and drop ease, a keyframe animation editor, automatic remote control button assignment, an image list manager and code assist, so developers don't need to memorize an entire API.. This increased efficiency helps to reduce development costs. In addition, DoStudio is built on a proven architecture that prevents memory leaks, unhandled exceptions and other software challenges while maximizing code compatibility across multiple generations of players.

With the integration of Corel's PureHD Authoring Multiplexer, DoStudio will now have the ability to multiplex elementary video and audio streams with HDi code to create a Type 2 HD DVD. Blu-ray multiplexing with BD-J will be available later in 2007. A public beta of DoStudio MX will be available beginning in July with the final release scheduled for September.

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