Micro Technologies Enters South African Market

Micro Technologies has entered into a strategic agreement with TWI International to market Micro VBB (Vehicle Black Box) to South Africa. South Africa and other adjoining countries have a very lucrative and rapidly expanding market, which offers excellent opportunities for Micro Technologies vehicle security products. The market is aware of the fast pace of the new technologies involved in Security Management and the need for up-to-date asset security and safety systems, combined with an early-mover advantage will give Micro Technologies an edge above the others.

TWI based in Cape Town South Africa has its offices in Durban and Training staff over 2 continents. TWI has a record of implementing productivity improvement programmes in vehicles worldwide, implementing programmes in South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Thailand Sweden, Germany, Romania, Ghana and Malawi and has now entered into an agreement with Micro Technologies to market these security solutions in this lucrative market.

Requirement of Vehicle Security across the globe has increased to manifolds with the increasing number in vehicle thefts. "Micro VBB" developed by Micro Technologies is a security and messaging anti-theft device. This intelligent box senses any intrusion of vehicle doors and immediately communicates such events to the registered user's mobile through SMS, with several other unique features it offers total security to one's vehicle.

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