Seagate and ASBIS Celebrate 15 Years of Distribution Partnership

ASBIS and Seagate Technology celebrate 15 successful years of collaboration in distribution of storage products. The partnership between the two companies began on June 12, 1992, when ASBIS, which was then engaged in small-scale HDD production for former Soviet republics, signed its first ever distribution agreement with a global IT vendor. From that moment, ASBIS has focused on sales, marketing and channel development for Seagate's hard disc drives across all countries of the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Over the years, Seagate has repeatedly acknowledged the successful nature of this partnership by naming ASBIS The Most Successful Seagate Distributor in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, #1 Distributor in the Former Soviet Union, and Fibre Channel Champion. The sales of Seagate products in the region covered by ASBIS have been on the rise ever since the beginning of cooperation.

For more information, visit ASBIS'website.

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