Transduco Joins Forces with Messe Frankfurt Ausstellungen

Transduco has announced the second Transduco Pavilion at the European Banking and Insurance Fair in Frankfurt, 20th to 22nd November, to enable financial technology suppliers to raise awareness and build a strong presence in the German market. This year, Transduco is working closely with Messe Frankfurt Ausstellungen to expand the Transduco Pavilion.

Significant challenges exist for suppliers selling into German speaking markets, for example cultural, legal and language barriers. It can be expensive to launch into the market and raise awareness. As a result, domestic business and sales strategies may not easily be repeated.

Previous exhibitors on the Transduco Pavilion include SWIFT Germany, ProfitStars, City Networks and Trace Financial. These suppliers had full local language support and a prime position within the exhibition area. Shared costs ensure the Transduco Pavilion is a cost effective method of generating exposure to the German speaking market.

Transduco and Messe Frankfurt plan a full marketing program to raise visibility and establish links with other organisations such as SWIFT and SIFMA, where Transduco will be meeting with interested suppliers.

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