KPIT Cummins to Support Dialog Semiconductor

KPIT Cummins Infosystems and Dialog Semiconductor have announced KPIT Cummins is to support Dialog Semiconductor as an additional offshore development center. The ODC will provide a dedicated engineering support team primarily in the areas of audio and power management devices and display driver ICs (Integrated Circuits) for mobile phones and other portable consumer electronics applications.

This announcement follows almost two years of consistent project association between the two companies; KPIT Cummins has worked with Dialog Semiconductor's design teams in the UK, Japan, Austria and the German headquarters. KPIT Cummins' roadmap of projects with Dialog during this time demonstrates its growth from a single layout resource effort to a partner capable of handling entire digital and analog design blocks with minimal support from Dialog.

Dialog Semiconductor, in May 2007, launched a new range of display drivers and evaluation kits to support electronic paper segmented displays aimed at mobile phones, capacity meters on memory cards, electronic shelf labels, watches, clocks, and other consumer devices which could make use of paper-thin electronic displays. The development of these display drivers is just one example where additional engineering support from KPIT Cummins team was utilized to assist Dialog Semiconductor's own engineering teams across its various locations.

As part of the new ODC model, KPIT Cummins will provide a dedicated group of ten analog and digital circuit design engineers to provide support in chip design, verification and testing.

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