Samsung Issues Industry's Most Advanced Suite of 2.5" Disk Drives

Samsung is showcasing its hard disk drive leadership with the industry's most advance line up of 2.5" Hard Disk Drives covering consumer, commercial and enterprise applications. Samsung's new 2.5" hard drives were introduced at the company's storage press conference in New York City yesterday.

Samsung's new 2.5" family includes the MH80 Series, the world's first hybrid hard drive offered in 160GB capacity, the Spinpoint M5 Series with single-disk capacities ranging between 60GB and 160GB, and a dual-disk model provides up to 250GB of storage space. All of these models are shipping now.

FlashON MH80 Hybrid Hard Disk Drive

A world's first, Samsung's MH80 is a 2.5" hybrid hard drive with 256 megabytes of flash memory that is optimized to work in tandem with Windows Vista capable notebook PCs. It combines a hard disk drive with a OneNAND Flash cache and when used with Microsoft's ReadyDrive software, offers faster application launch speeds, faster boot and resume times, increased battery life and greater reliability compared to traditional magnetic media technology.

The MH80 hybrid hard drive leverages the high densities of magnetic storage technology, while the advanced NAND flash technology enhances the overall value with lowered power consumption, higher reliability and faster read/write access than traditional hard drives. The MH80 features Samsung's ReadyBoot technology that offers up to a 50 percent reduction in boot and resume times from traditional magnetic media technology. The 256MB flash memory stores frequently used data in a fast access cache allowing the HDD motor to be turned off a greater percent of time. With the HDD motor turned off, the MH80 hard drive consumes significantly less power than a traditional hard drive, and tests have shown this may extend notebook PC battery life by 25 minutes or more before a recharge is needed.

Another benefit of the MH80 operating a greater percentage of time with the motor switched off is this enhances the hard drive's reliability by dramatically reducing the duty cycle on the drive. Also when the MH80 motor is switched off, the drive parks its heads in a protective ramp. As a result, the drive is much less susceptible to shock damage, minimizing the possibility of data loss even under extreme conditions.

SpinPoint M5 Hard Drives Power Consumer Devices

Samsung's M5 2.5" Hard Disk Drive series offers single disk capacities that range between 60 and 160GB, while a dual-disk model provides up to 250GB of storage space. The Spinpoint M5 series utilizes Perpendicular Magnetic Recording technology, and the disk drive design has been optimized to allow ultra-precision adjustment of the head parking ramp position for high-density recording.

The 250GB model greatly expands the storage capacity of mobile products, in step with the surging growth of multimedia content and the rapidly changing mobile environment. The weight of the 160GB hard drive has also been reduced by approximately 4% from 98.66g to 94.83g, helping manufacturers to lighten their industrial designs.

The M5 Series has been developed to meet the stringent environmental demands of both notebook PC and portable consumer electronics, where the keys to success lie in minimizing noise, susceptibility to vibration and power consumption. Samsung's SpinPoint M5 hard drives are fifteen-percent quieter and use five-percent less energy than other models with the same storage capacity. The low-noise, low-power features are attractive to notebook PC or tablet PCs users. The new Spinpoint M5 hard drives feature a 5,400rpm spin speed, 1.5Gbps SATA interface and 8MB cache memory.

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