Samsung Introduces World's Highest Capacity 1.8" HDDs

Samsung sets a new benchmark for 1.8" hard disk drive performance with the introduction of its new Spinpoint N2 Series. The products feature the highest available capacity in the 1.8" form factor (120GB) and fastest speed (4200rpm) for notebook performance.

In addition to their market-leading capacities, the N2 Series drives offer the fastest boot times, lowest power consumption, and quietest operation available in the 1.8" form factor. The new drives, with capacities ranging from 80GB to 120GB, are designed to meet the growing demands for high-capacity storage in compact mobile consumer devices such as PDAs, MP3 players, cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras and ultra-light notebook PCs.

The N2 Series has been developed specifically for portable consumer electronic applications where low noise, vibration and power consumption for longer battery life are key to success. These robust and rugged drives feature best-in-class environmental and acoustical specifications as well as decreased power consumption from the low operating voltage system-on-chip configuration. In addition, perpendicular recording technology enhances data reliability while dynamic Flying-On-Demand ensures better data signals.

The N2 Series drives feature a 4,200rpm spin rate, PATA/ZIF interface with 8MB cache memory, a 15ms seek time and a two second Drive Time to Ready. Samsung also offers the quietest drives in the industry with its patterned NoiseGuard and SilentSeek technologies.

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