Newmarket International to Release Delphi 9.5

Newmarket International has announced a major new release of its Delphi solution, Delphi 9.5. Delphi 9.5 marks a significant step in helping companies transform their sales performance and strategy. The enhancements, features and functionality enable companies to maximize rates and revenues, streamline processes and create the most memorable experiences for their customers.

Delphi 9.5 provides an unprecedented level of visibility and control that hospitality, entertainment and gaming companies need to stay ahead in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Delphi 9.5 includes new analytical and operational dashboards which provide the actionable, intelligent information to generate and close business. By putting this critical business intelligence right at the sales team's fingertips, they are empowered to make better decisions faster. Dashboard components include:
- Sales Pipeline provides the ability to produce a weighted pipeline to evaluate the likelihood of future business. Detailed pipeline reporting highlights any bottlenecks and allows for better forecasting of future business opportunities;
- Need Period displays a graphical representation to include on the books, budget, projected and threshold values for Occupancy and ADR;
- Groups In House allows a sales team to prioritize face-to-face contact with key accounts when they are on the premises;
- My Business Alerts displays bookings that require additional attention such as pickup not entered, past due cutoff date and bookings with no recent activity;
- Daily Metrics shows current statistics such as Forecasted Occupancy, Minimum Acceptable Rate and Revenue Per Available Room.

Delphi 9.5 greatly improves the integration with Property Management Systems, giving companies a holistic view of their business and inventory, including bookings, sales performance and metrics. With better control over transient business and group business, room blocking and suite logic, for instance, a property is armed with the information to maximize rates and revenue. Additionally, Delphi 9.5 caters to today's international businesses, with multi-language and multi-currency support. New features include:
- New forecast values better estimate guestroom pickup, ensuring the desired mix between group and transient business;
- Enhanced suite logic enables guestroom configurations of suites, providing more accurate inventory reporting;
- Customized guestroom security moves guestrooms in and out of inventory for a specified period of time;
- Configurable security settings limit changes on key booking information and provide enhanced control features on over blocking room types;
- Multi-language fields support worldwide operations in an official language while enabling local staff to use their home language or create specific documentation for key customers in their desired language; regional settings are available for language and currency for 15 leading hospitality markets worldwide.

Delphi 9.5, which will be available for general release in Q3 2007, is a core application in Newmarket's Sales Advantage suite of solutions. The Sales Advantage seamlessly connects the different sales and catering phases and processes, from the RFP or inquiry, right through delivery and beyond, saving companies time and reducing replication of data. The Sales Advantage empowers organizations to exceed customers' expectations through the business cycle: capturing and responding to leads, winning the business and delivering memorable events, and demonstrating results.

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