Gateway Launches Voluntary Battery Exchange Program

Gateway has launched a voluntary recall of approximately 14,000 lithium ion battery packs. Under certain conditions, these battery packs can overheat and create a potential fire hazard. Gateway is cooperating with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to act in the interest of customer safety. The affected battery packs were shipped as the primary or spare battery pack for Gateway 400VTX and 450ROG series notebooks sold during a three-month period from May 2003 to August 2003. The battery packs were sold in the United States through Gateway's Professional and Direct channels, including its Gateway Country stores.

Gateway advises customers to contact the company to determine whether their battery pack is a part of this recall. Only battery packs identified by part number 6500760 or 6500761 (included on a label on the underside of the battery pack) are affected. The Gateway systems listed may have shipped with battery packs other than those identified here. Only battery packs with the listed part numbers are being recalled. Gateway will replace affected battery packs at no cost to the customer. In the meantime, customers may continue to use their notebook PCs by turning off the system, removing the battery pack, and powering the system via AC adapter and power cord.

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